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FAQ's about bookings and COVID 19 regulations:

Unfortunately, we were not able to open in the winter season 20/21 and expect to be able to reopen from 21.05.2021 and start again with the beginning of the summer season.


Of course, we want to protect our guests, our staff and ourselves as best as possible and offer the safest possible accommodation. Therefore we have implemented a journey of measures in the house and were thus already able to organise last summer without any problems.


So that our guests can also plan safely and do not have to worry about "what if", we have summarized the most important questions here once again:

What if we cannot travel when the borders are closed again?

We have created the following addendum to the cancellation policy regarding COVID 19:

In case of border closures or if a trip is not possible due to official orders, we cancel free of charge until the day of arrival.

What if someone in the family falls ill with Covid (just before or during the vacation period)?

For cancellations due to COVID 19 illness, symptoms, quarantine, increasing number of cases or similar, we can not offer a free cancellation, for these cases please make sure to take out a travel cancellation insurance, which will cover such cases if necessary.



How does the catering (buffets) work?

Before entering the buffet your hands have to be disinfected with the set up disinfection.

Are there any other special rules?
The following rules apply to accommodation establishments: Guests must show a valid negative test result, a vaccination certificate or a confirmation of having passed COVID 19 on arrival, in addition to the usual registration - on-site testing will also be possible. After arrival, the guest will have to perform a self-test every day during the stay when using further services in the hotel, this will then be valid for 24 hours. (Will be provided free of charge at the reception). Alternatively, there is the option to take an observed self-test in public test streets, this is then valid for 48 hours. 1 metre minimum distance between groups of guests must be observed Catering of guests analogous to regulations of the catering trade The following rules apply to catering establishments: Guests must show a valid negative test result, a vaccination certificate or a confirmation of having passed COVID-19 - in addition, on-site testing will also be possible. As was already the case in some federal states last year, there will be a nationwide registration requirement for guests Catering establishments can open indoor and outdoor areas In the indoor area, consumption may only take place in a seated position There must be a minimum distance of 1 metre must be maintained Self-service and buffets are permitted, subject to special hygienic precautions. No consumption of food and beverages in the immediate vicinity of the serving point Further information: https://www.austria.info/de Updated on 31.07.2021 Subject to change, the respective legal version / regulation always applies. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them by e-mail or update this FAQ page.

If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them by mail or update this FAQ page.


Holiday Hotel Martinerhof
St. Martin bei Lofer Nr. 59
A-5092 St. Martin bei Lofer

Phone: +43 6588 8504
Fax: +43 6588 8504-7
Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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